Our Story

Our founder Laura is a Chicago native who has always had a profound love for haircare. As a vegan, Laura was always mindful about the ingredients in her food, and in her consumer products - especially hair and skin care. But it wasn't until her hair became stringy, dry and thin that she realized many "organic" and "vegan" products on the market actually used harmful chemicals and toxic blends of sulfates, silicones and fragrances that did more prolonged damage to the scalp than good.

This started Laura's journey towards holistic hair care that starts with the scalp. She believes that Mother Nature gives you everything you need to make powerful formulas, and uses a natural blend of antioxidant-infused botanical extracts to cultivate healthy, thick and lustrous hair. Hair, that you deserve. Her profound love for the planet is also evidenced in the intentional sustainability practices she incorporated, which is why each bottle is made from 100% PCR materials.

The name Phalena comes from our innate love for nature and the life it is able to nurture. The Phalena butterfly is a rare type of butterfly, and like a butterfly, they have to go through incredible transformations to grow. Your hair transformation begins now.