Our brand

What does the word Phalena mean?

The name Phalena (pronounced Pha-lena) comes from an innate love for nature and the life it is able to nurture. The Phalena is a rare type of butterfly, and like a butterfly we have to go through incredible transformations to grow. 

Why is Phalena vegan?

At Phalena we believe Mother Nature gives you everything you need to make a fabulous high performing product without disrupting nature or harming animals.

Our Products

I'm new to vegan shampoo & conditioner what should I expect? 

Welcome to this exciting and new journey into vegan hair care! We are so excited for you to make this transition! These products will work differently from commercial shampoos and conditioners. They are made without silicones, sulfates, parabens and pegs, but still smell incredibly delicious and your hair and scalp will thrive. You will notice that your hair and scalp will adjust to these new products after the 2nd or 3rd time of usage. 

What is the shelf life on the shampoos + conditioners?

Due to the fresh nature of the ingredients in Phalena Haircare all products are best to enjoy and use within one year of purchase.

 Are the products safe for color treated hair?

Our products are ALL safe for color treated hair. These products are as gentle as they get, yet effective. They are formulated to cleanse, not strip so that your color is safe.

Our Ingredients

Why doesn't my product smell strong or leave a lasting fragrance?

At Phalena we believe in total transparency and we discovered that "fragrances" used in most hair products are actually irritants, and overtime and with continued usage will cause adverse reactions such as discomfort, itching, and even irritation to the delicate scalp skin. Under the single word of "fragrance" you can literally have over 30 toxic chemicals and carcinogens and by law no company has to disclose those ingredients. Beauty should be transparent and not harmful. 

What kind of fragrances does Phalena use?

 At Phalena Hairacare we only use scents made from botanical extracts and they are extracted from their direct source. We like to use coconuts, mangos, cherries, and strawberries to name a few. We also don't use essential oils as fragrances because those can also be toxic to our precious scalp skin even when used in small amounts.

Other Information

I'm trying to apply 2 discount codes, but it's not working?

Only one discount per order can be applied.

I need more  information on shipping, returns, etc?

Please visit our shipping & Returns section.

Tell me more about how I can refer a friend?

First off we are thrilled you want to share your new vegan haircare journey with a friend! Please click the link here to refer a friend to receive a promo code for 10% off your next purchase.
"Love the earth and your hair"