8 Tips to Avoid Hair Loss

8 Tips to Avoid Hair Loss

Curious on different steps you can take to avoid hair loss? Check out these helpful tips from our founder Laura. 

1. Stay consistent with products and with your routine - When I was teenager and in my early twenties I switched my products up like I switched shoes. Now that I'm older the slightest upset to my routine or new bad product will wreak havoc on my hair for weeks causing a pattern of hair loss.

2. Don't Overbrush - Sounds simple, but don't overbrush your hair. Long ago over are the days where woman said "Brush your hair 100 times before bed", can you imagine the breakage with this? Don't forget to detangle your hair by grabbing a small section and combing from the bottom and working your way up to the roots.

3. Avoid excess styling gels, some pomades, and or heavy waxes for the hair - I used to use hair gel everyday, until I realized the bad cycle it put my hair through. I would have fresh clean hair, then apply a heavy gel and it would be in my hair and sitting on my roots clogging my pores until the next wash. Now I use a little bit of 100% pure unrefined coconut oil to smooth any frizz. Try a natural alternative or even pure Aloe Vera Gel is a great substitute.

4. Avoid silicones - What are silicones? They are a plastic that coats the hair to give the appearance of shine. However, most mainstream haircare products use very cheap silicones that don't even rinse out with water or without the help of harsh cleaners like sulfates. I don't want anything fake on my hair. When I first stopped using silicones and transitioned to silicone free, it was a tough for a few weeks because my hair looked so flat and dull from all the silicone buildup, but eventually my hairs normal state returned and now I'm never going back.

5. Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase - We prefer high quality vegan satin because it's made without animal components. With all of the movement we do at night, our precious and delicate follicles are constantly being rubbed and roughed up against the pillow case. Stop this friction and switch. Don't forget your satin scrunchies.

6. Avoid tight or heavy hairstyles - Unfortunately this can be unavoidable sometimes but by wrapping your hair, especially longer hair in a tight bun or hairstyle daily really wreaks havoc. Not only does this put ultra pressure and stress on the strands, but it really causes a ton of breakage in the middle section or part of your hair that holds the style up. If you cannot avoid these type of styles try to make the style looser or lower.

7. Scalp massages - Your hair may be dead, but your follicles are very much alive and they need some TLC and stimulation. Try and massage them for a few minutes a day. Blood circulation is needed up their for growth. Use can also massage with coconut oil before or after shampooing.

8. Workout - This may not seem to be related to hair loss but it is because working out lowers stress and stress is a huge contributor to hair loss. Working out also helps oxygen flow to your hair follicles giving them the much needed nourishment they need to grow!

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